1999 Audi Quattro

Engine Mechanical problem
1999 Audi Quattro 6 cyl All Wheel Drive Manual 137000 miles

I just bought a 99 Audi a4 quattro. I turned it on this morning and while on park pressed on the gas pedal. As I walked around I noticed some clear liquid dripping from the exhaust. I pressed the pedal a second time and more came out. The oil looks good, the liquid(water) that leaked also looked clean. Can you maybe clarify why my car is leaking. Thanks.
April 11, 2008.

Hi there,

Water is a normal by-product of the combustion process, when the engine & exhaust is cool, the water vapor in the exhaust gases condenses back to a liquid, this is what you see, when the exhaust is up to temp, the water is not visible.

Mark (mhpautos)

Apr 11, 2008.