Audi A6

I recently had to change, rather fix my oil cooler gasket, atleast thats what I think it is, any there are 2 antifreeze lines that go to it. Well I had to take them off, witch yea great, dandy, did that fixed the problem. BUT now I dont know how to bleed the antifreeze system, and get out all the air pockets.
and it doesn't seem to work trying to do it the traditional way. Just putting antifreeze in, leaving the cap off and starting it.
Please Help! Thanks
February 27, 2007.

Technically when the system is refilled the bleeder is opened before the car is started. But the bleeder should be on the top hose off the radiator. You probably won't see much air being released but try it with the engine warm and running while taking care to open it slowly.

Bruce Hunt
Feb 28, 2007.