2001 Audi A6

Electrical problem
2001 Audi A6 6 cyl All Wheel Drive Automatic 65000 miles

Hi I have a 2001 Audi A6, 2.7Turbo, quattro with 65K miles
on it. Recently I saw the engine check light on. I went to
autozone and they tested with teh OBD-2 reader. It gave a
numberical code and looking up at the internet, it seemed to
point to MAF (mass air flow) sensor or oxygen sensor. Since
I am not too sure and reluctant to leave the car at the dealership,
is it poosible to guide me what could be the reason. Also is
it poosible to clean the MAF. If yes, is it easy to do so? Any
other pointers will be very helpful.
July 17, 2008.

Hi Raman,

Thanks for the donation.

Can you please post the code so we know what to look for?

MAF and O2 are 2 different things so we need to be sure which 1 to provide the correct suggestion.

MAF seldom fails and the most common cause is contaminated or loose coupler.

Jul 18, 2008.
I went to a European auto repair store to get the actual
codes. I paid $50 for it. The codes I am getting are
P1128 and P1130. I have noticed that the car mileage has
dropped to 17mpg from 21mpg. Don't know if its just
bad fuel. Also, the oil change people found engine oil
sludge. Don't know why. Have new 5w-30 full synthetic
Mobil 1 oil now. Changed the oil after 5K miles.

Please advice. Thanks.

Jul 18, 2008.
Hi Raman,

P1128 is the MAP sensor getting a low reading.

P1130 is the HO2S sensor is faulty.

The Heated O2 Sensor has an open circuit so you need to test if it is the sensor or wire that is faulty. An ohm meter test on the sensor should be able to confirm if it is the cause.

The MAP sensor low reading could be caused by poor air flow from the air filter, check it for clogging.

You fuel consumption is not due to bad fuel, the bad HO2S should be the cause.

Jul 19, 2008.