1997 Audi A4

Bought in Italy 1997 Audi A4 1.8T it was all fine, got home replaced the oil and it started smoking too much from the exhaust. Changed the valve seals however it didn't help. It seems to smoke more when the car gets hot, when it is cold it doesn't emit smoke. Checked the oil after driving 1000 miles and in fact confirmed that it is burning oil. Otherwise the engine runs smoothly and seems to have plenty of power. Besides the rings on the pistons could this oil buring problem be caused by problems with the TURBO and how can I tell if it is the Turbo or the pistons? Thank's in advance. Vincent
October 18, 2007.

It is most likely the turbocharger and not the rings. If the rings were the issue, it would smoke all of the time.
Turbo charging can lead to some oil consumption issues if you are running it hard and then shutting it off without letting the turbo cool at idle for a few minutes.

Dr. Hagerty
Nov 14, 2007.