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How about a copy of chilton book for the moderators?

that should help us a lot.
imports for the nissan, honda, toyota. Moderators
american cars for chevy ford. Moderators

at least a good discount on them.

Just asking.

: D

if posible.]

: D

Best regards

Manuel - Fisherman.

how about on-line books?
March 8, 2006.

What about Chrysler??? :(

I like Haynes myself... Clinton's ive used say bring to shop.. well what the h*ll did i buy this for??.. :D

peppermrj lead me to a real helpful site..
auto ( max why cant i link this up??)

a u t o zone has really good online manauls.. would be good for us but it costs

there u go MAXX our insentive.. online manauls for us :)

jess s.

Mar 22, 2006.
Hi Jess!

Sorry about Chrysler ! : (

It was just an example.

I like your Idea about on line Manuals. But.

Where is Max?

And the rest of the group?

Best regards to everyone!


Mar 22, 2006.
Thats ok. Ill get over it?. Were is maxx? Havent heard from him lately.

Mar 22, 2006.
We are working on getting Michell1 online manuals for all our modorators. I will let you guys know when it is ready. : D

2CarPros Ken
Nov 27, 2006.
Yes let us know. That would be real helpful. I now ive spent hrs looking in my own books or online for a bunch of answers. Thnks jess s

Dec 1, 2006.
Mitchell is good,
But I'm Likin Fisherman's avitar.

Take note y'all.