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Hi, When I open a window or sunroof in my 94 citroen zx 2.0i petrol, exhaust fumes enter the cabin.

There is no leak in the exhaust. If I keep the windows up, no smell. Turning on blower doesnt cause fumes to enter either.

There seems to be an excess petrol smell from the exhaust when I nose around the rear of the car but nothing under the hood. All dry no obvious leaks.

Other symptoms which might be related are;

-can be hard to start sometimes. Doesnt matter if hot or cold. Turn it over and over and nothing. Turn it off then start again and it fires straight away.
-engine cuts out easily when starting from cold.
-the engine sometimes idles eratically
-sometimes cuts out when approaching a stop. Can start it again immediately
-fuel consumption seems higher than normal (than when I first got the car)

From reading other posts, the injectors or fuel pressure regulator might be an issue. What do you think?

thanks very much.
March 15, 2007.

I think you may need to replace the oxygen sensors.

Mar 26, 2007.
Have one ordered, will reply back with the outcome.

Mar 26, 2007.
As it turned out the smell was caused by a leaky fuel filter.

The other symptoms were cleared up by replacing the oxygen (lambda) sensor, map sensor, water temperature sensor, idle control valve (stepper motor) and cleaning throttle housing.

May 8, 2007.