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1998 Civic EX, 147,000 miles. 1.6 litre 4 cylinder engine.

Wipers start on mid level when car is started. I can't switch to off or intermittent but can switch to high.

I tried swapping the hand switch but that didn't fix it. I then replaced the wiper motor but that didn't fix it. Finally I replaced the wiper control module attached to the back of the under dash fuse panel. Still no fix. I don't know what else is left to check.

When I click the handswitch from " off" to intermittent and then to mid level I can hear a faint click from around the fuse panel. Almost like the sound of a turn signal relay but I can't pinpoint it.

Could it be a bad ground? Everything else in the car is working fine.

March 13, 2007.

There is a wiper relay and I would check that out.

Bruce Hunt
Mar 13, 2007.
I think you've covered about everything. Here is a test. I send it along as even new items are bad.

Bruce Hunt
Mar 13, 2007.
Really bad clarity. I am sending to your email address.

Bruce Hunt
Mar 13, 2007.