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While sitting at a stop idling it starts running rough sometimes almost wants to die. It appears to be running rich so much that it burns your eyes if window is down or if standing near. Gas mileage has decreased and takes a bit to get back up to speed. Somedays it is not bad at all. Returned to shop that did work and they gave me kind of a run around and claimed it was fuel injectors leaking. It is NOT ever hard to start as he tried to tell me. He wrote down Fuel Trim 118, LT Trim 108. But was told it was just numbers that meant nothing : roll: . Having more problems with others services they did to my van and this getting worse I complained to company. They had another store inspect and they said I needed a new tranny that it was slipping and that is my lack of power. They never even ran a diagnostics on it. I don't even know if they ever did the tuneup for they seem to be sidestepping the odvious. They also replaced both idler arms now my steering wanders. Are these the same size normally because to me it seems the right one is larger and new, while other is much smaller and the boot is very hard? I don't seems to get any help from them and we spent alot of $ to have my husbands car break down right away do to the work they did as well. Any suggestions : I really love my van : cry:
November 18, 2006.

Look buddy I re-lize that the post was sent a couple months back but all those numbers are mumbo jumbo used to get your money, listern just change your air flow mixture (get it calibrated) your good to go

Feb 2, 2007.
Maybe Uncle Bubba thinks it all it Mumbo-jumbo, but he doesn't seem to have clue about a whole lot, specially bout fuel trim. Fuel trim is a very portant thing about know how much fuels a been commandin. Too much ain't a good thing.

Sweatheart it's the real deal and that is a shop you should stick with cause they are walking the walk!

Feb 2, 2007.
95-CPI big problems with injectors and pressure regulators. The trim off on 1 side is probably due to stuck injector or blown fuel pressure reg in the intake dumping raw fuel down the rear cylinders on the p/s. As far as Idler arms, your AWD is essentially 4wd suspension, so be familiar with that before making accusations. Good Luck

Feb 3, 2007.