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My 94 Explorer XL 2wd, w/ 65000 miles on it will not start. When I turn the key, the solenoid and the starter make loud clicking noises but the engine does not crank.

I tried charging the battery and then I pulled both the solenoid and starter and had them checked at a local high school shop and both were fine (not sure if a pro could check better).

I had a problem with mice chewing on wires before but the wires between the solenoid and starter are intact.

What else can I check myself and at what point should I take it to a pro? I've read some horror stories about a pro pulling and replacing all sorts of things without fixing the problem (starter/flywheel/etc) and don't want to have to pay that much. Thanks for the help!
April 30, 2006.

You should take the starter to a pro because if the starter and sol. Are making noise the connections are good chances are the starter and or the sol. Are bad also check your flywheel teeth. You can also pull the starter and turn the sol. With your finger if it doesn't turn or turns very eaey the sol. Is bad. Fords are notoriuos for this problem. Hope this helps.

Apr 30, 2006.
When I pulled the starter, I checked the flywheel. There were tiny chunks out of the forward edge of the teeth I could see (tiny as in the size of sand). There were also tiny bits in the bottom of the casing, but not much at all.

In this sentence, when you say " sol.&Quot; do you mean " flywheel"?

I did read that you should try to turn the flywheel but there was no way I could budge it.

May 1, 2006.