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I have a 1991 Chev. Caprice with a 305 in it and I have a ignition cut out when starting out from a stop. The whole ignition cuts in and out just like you turned the ignition key off and on. Its driveing me nuts! So far I have replaced the Ignition MOD, the coil, the cap and rotor, spark plug wires, MAP sensor and the TPS sensor and the same problem persists! The car starts fast and idols smooth weather cold or warmed up and when the car is first started in the morning it runs like NEW! But as soon as it reaches normal opp. Temp the problem starts agan.O and I have replaced the ignition swich itself also. Please someone let me know your ideas?. I thought about the coil pick up in the distributer but wouldnt that cause bad missing all the time> > thanks !
September 14, 2006.

Any electrical coil is unpredictable just because that electricity in itself is wierd. Sometimes your car will miss all the time. Sometimes it just quits all at once. Now that I know that you have a HEI ignition system another thing to check is the ground for the ignition coil. If it doesn't have a really good ground that can have an adverse effect also.

Sep 16, 2006.
Have you inspected the wiring to and from the dist, are you positive it is an ignition misfire, and not the injectors, I have heard of people having the exact problem you have described, however the problem in this case is that the injectors being well worn, would fire when cold, when the computer gives them the signal to open further and longer in order to provide a rich starting mixture, however when the engine warms up the breif signal given the injector under normal operating temperature, is not sufficient to actuate the weakened electromagnetic injectors, try using starting fluid, spray into the throttle body when car is having the problem, if the flat spot goes away it is injectors. Hope this helps

Mar 12, 2007.