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Ranger has 2.3 FI 4cyl engine 45,000 miles. It had a dead number 2 cylinder Had spark and gas but dead. Turned out to be head gasket blown between #2 and #3 cylinder. After changing the head gasket I now have NO spark at all. I replaced the coil and pick up coil but still no spark. I am getting power to the primary side of coil but nothing from the secondary. From what I've been able to find out the problem must be in the " P I P " signal. I have tried several sources but to no avail I had good spark before replacing the head gasket. I did nothing to the ignition system except R& R spark plug wires. ( Yes they are back right ) The truck sat for a year and the battery went dead if that matters?/? I'm at a loss. I had the ignition module bench tested. Good. Only thing left is the computer.
Any help would be appreciated.
May 24, 2006.

: shock: change the rotor. It sometimes keeps it from firing.

Aug 31, 2006.
So far I have changed the coil, pick up coil in the distributor, module and coil wire. Still no spark what so ever coming from the coil. I have power on both sides of the primary side of coil but nothing, not even a weak spark coming out.

Sep 2, 2006.