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Hi I have 1999 VW Golf Old Body
And my check engine light is on. I got it looked at the local garage and they said its a Evaporated Emissions code. I changed my vacuum tubes, and it still didn't turn off.
I also started to notice that when I start it up, theres like a slight squaling noise from the engine area, and its coming from a pump of some sort.
Also sometimes when idling at a stop light instead of the RPMs being just below 1000 it bounces up and down above 1000, could these be involved? Can someone try to tell me what else I should do?
March 18, 2007.

Emission problems can be difficult, check your gas cap seal for leaks, sometimes the main evap canister need to be replaced. The squeeling noise sounds like it could be a belt that is loose or needs replacing.

2CarPros Ken
Mar 21, 2007.