F150 5.8L OIL PUMP

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Hi I need some help, if any one could tell me how to change my oil pump in my f150. It is a 1995 4x4 ext cab 5.8 L. If any one has any hints on how to do this(ie the oil pan out from under the engine with out taking tranny out) that would be a big help. Thanks Mark?
December 29, 2006.

Remove the fan shroud and upper intake remove exhaust pipes motor mount bolts and lossen trans bell bolts remove oil pan bolts lower pan on to cross member remove pick up tube and screen and place in oil pan then remove pan ALOT OF WORK

Dec 30, 2006.
I recently replaced the oil pump on my '91. I also needed to remove upper intake manifold in order to jack engine up the required 5 inches so the oil pan can clear the crossmember. I've thought it was possibly easier to remove the entire engine, flip it over and go from there. Good luck.

Dec 31, 2006.