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My cooling fan does not run condensor fan does run. But water gauge does not ever get hot help.
May 11, 2006.

Have you found resolution to this?

Have you replaced the thermostat? Does the cooling fan turn on when the A/C is turned on? It should, but if not then it could be the fan. You can wire the fan directly to the battery to see if it runs. If it doesn't replace it.

I would not worry about the fan right now as the temperature not getting warm in the vehicle. Check that thermostat.

Bruce Hunt
May 23, 2006.
I have'nt replaced thermostat does the same relay under hood control the fans on both radiators because if I turn on the ac the fan on the condensor radiator will come on.

May 24, 2006.
Here is a thought. Have you replaced the vehicles thermostat? If not, are you the original owner of the vehicle? I ask this because technically you can run the vehicle without a thermostat. Is there one in there and if there is it could be stuck open thus allowing the coolant from the engine to very get that warm.

Bruce Hunt
May 25, 2006.
First check your antifreeze if its full(in the radiator not just the overflow). Next check the fuses in the engine compartment and under the dash to see if there is one burnt. Next if all ok run the vehicle till the engine temp is at half way or a little above un plug the fan and check for power and ground on the 2 pin connector if you are missing power disconnect the 2 pin connector at the fan switch plug located on the thermostat housing(might be 2 switches: one for the temp guage the other for the fan)jump the 2 terminals and see if the fan works if so replace the fan switch, if no then there is a wiring problem and you'll require a more indepth look.

Jun 16, 2006.