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I have just (yesterday morning) changed the oil & filter and the thermostat and everything seemed to run fine, then at night I was driving to work and the headlights, panel lights, brake lights and radio went out. I turned the hazzard lights on and finish my way to work. This morning I checked the fuses and everything seems to be fine there, I made sure they were all in tight and not blown, so I tried the lights again, this time the radio is working, the brake lights are working, but as soon as I switch the headlights on, everything stops working. My daytime running lights are working though.
There is a little oil leaking, I am going to check that out today and the thermostat seems to be tight, (it didn't come with a gasket, not sure if that is normal or not) do either of these things have anything to do with the lights? Also, the reason for the thermostat change was that there was no air blowing out of the vents and the guy I bought the car from said the heater core was previously change (not sure if it was, cause now I still only get very little heat, but more than before) My dad tells me girls shouldn't be working on cars, but I don't think that is it either. Lol

[u: 710a344707]Any[/u: 710a344707] help with any of these problems is greatly appreciated
October 8, 2006.

I don't want to make you look silly but there is a dimmer wheel next to your headlight switch, you might have bumped it, thats why at night everything is dark but in the day it works.
But if that was not the problem, Sorry just tring to help.
Also the thermostat gasket is usually purchaced separatelly, nut if you used gasket sealer that works just fine, no gasket needed.
The heater problem: is it blowing air? Or is it blowing little air. Or just not hot air?
If it is not blowing very hard the problem is probally one of the relays at the front and center of the engine compartment, needs to be replaced, one of the relays is the highspeed motor relays usaually the one that is more out of place than the others, sometimes you can swap one of them around, but only if they are the same part number.
I hope I could help, at least in one of these areas.
By the way, keep going, show your Dad up.
You Go Girl!

Oct 14, 2006.
Thanks, since i've written, i've had to fix the thermostat, the rubber around it came off and she was pouring out the antifreeze, so I bought a new ring and a gasket, replaced it and it is fine now. The headlights and panel lights only shut off once since the last time, the heater is blowing hot air just not blowing enough, making a loud noise as it is blowing like it is trying really hard and I tried looking for the relay you described, but I can't find it under the hood, if you could give me a detailed description I would appreciate it also do you know if there is a fuse panel located under the hood? The last car I had had both inside and out, i've been trying to find an owner's manual, but haven't had any luck, thanks again for your help.

Oct 16, 2006.
I'm glad you got the thermostat fixed.
The light issue is oviously a short somewhere, next time it happens, play with the dash dimmer wheel, see if that does anything.
If the blower sounds like it is on high but little is coming out, its probally not the relays. I have this exact same problem on my own car and I need to fix it also. If I figure it out I will let you know the problem so you can fix it also.
The only fuse panel I know of is under the dash on the drivers side.I have a 1990 Grandam, that is where mine is, I don't think they changed the location for a few years after mine.
As far as a Fuse panel under the hood, if they started putting one there on your year of car it will be near the battery usaually and it will be easy to spot and marked accoringlly.I sorry I was not of more help. Thanks

Oct 16, 2006.