2001 Acura TL

Air Conditioning problem
2001 Acura TL 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic

Yesterday, I got caught in a flash flood. Water only came up to about the bottom of the door, and there was no engine or interior damage. A headlight busted, not a big deal, but then a little while later I noticed the AC had gone out. Would water getting to the compressor ruin it? Or is this maybe just coincidence and I need freon?
June 12, 2008.

More like the pressure switch shorted out. Compressor is sealed so clutch coil or pressure switch. Think electrical here.

Jun 12, 2008.
Yesterday while driving for an hour, the AC kicked in working great of full blast for the last 15 minutes. Now it's back to blowing hot air. How would I go about checking the pressure switch or coil? Thanks!

Jun 20, 2008.
First, try turning it on, does the compressor turn on?
Check with a voltmeter at the connectors, there will be a coulpe of spots to check, the low pressure swith, located either on the reciever drier, or someplace on the low side of the dystem, the coil, part of the compressor, and the high pressure switch, located on or near the line between the condenser and compressor. If they all have power, then the coil may be damaged, or the switches. Or it's low on R-134a. Low pressure switch will kill the compressor to protect it when you are low on charge.

Jun 20, 2008.