Acura RSX

I have an Acura RSX '04 with well over 100,000 miles on it (I commute about 80 miles for work each day). The engine light recently came on, so I panicked and brought it to the Acura dealership, where they charged $149 for a diagnostic. (Learned my lesson - bring it to a local mechanic next time.) One code popped up - P2647 - rocker arm actuator system stuck on bank1. VTEC issue. Replace oil pressure switch.

By the time I brought it to a local mechanic, the engine light had turned off. I've had 2 start-ups since then and it's still off, car is running fine. Should I still take it in and replace the oil pressure switch for $210? Or can I wait on it without any further damage to the engine? What could the problem have been?
November 2, 2007.

I think you have an idea that there may be a possible problem but it could have been a glitch or a sensor that is failing. It is hard to say from here. The key here is that you are aware of an issue. I would listen to the engine for changes, and keep constant watch on fluid levels and guages. Drive it with your senses observing as you go.

Bruce Hunt
Nov 15, 2007.
Like Bruce has said above, listening to your change in your car's engine is a good way to prevent major damage to engine. I wouldn't say you need to replace the pressure switch immediately. Usually, many dealerships would tell you that you need to replace related parts to the code to make profit. However, I would still listen for changes. And not hit VTEC too often along your 80 mile commute. : ) I have a 02 and 2k miles shy of 130,000 miles.

As far as the CEL light going off, I believe the dealership reset it, therefore turning off the CEL. But if it's really the problem, then the CEL will come back on and you should at least take a look at it.

Dec 29, 2007.