2006 Acura MDX

Transmission problem
2006 Acura MDX 6 cyl All Wheel Drive Automatic 45000 miles

While attempting to change transmission fluid on my MDX, I removed driver side front wheel and saw a 3/8 drive square hole drain plug looking straight in from that side. I asssumed this was the drain plug. I removed it but no oil started to drain out. The oil that I could see in there appeared to be red indicating tranny fluid. I immediately checked the dipstick and the oil was at a normal level. I have no problem with the transmission and was wondering what is going on. Is this not the drain plug? If not where is it? Please help
September 7, 2009.

Hi alpat,

Thank you for the donation.

Is this the bolt that you are refering to? This is the drain plug and fluid should flow out when it is released.

Remove the filler plug or dipstick to check if fluid comes out.

Sep 7, 2009.
I already have this diagram as I have purchased the service manual. The problem is I am having trouble trying to decipher where this drain bolt is located under the car. When I removed the driver's side wheel, I saw a square hole bolt looking straight in. It appeared to be the drain bolt on the transmission. I removed it as well as removing the fill bolt topside. No fliud drained out. Is this the correct bolt? I noticed that the bolt I removed did not have a magnet on the end of it as the one I removed on my grandaughter's 2001 Acura CL when I changed her fluid. I am totally at a loss as to why this is happening. Please help!

Sep 8, 2009.
Here is another diagram. Hope it is clear enough. the red colored dot is the drain plug.

Sep 8, 2009.