1999 Acura EL

Noises problem
1999 Acura EL 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 178000 miles

I just recently got my power steering, A/C and alternator belt changed. Then my car started making loud squealing noises when I start the car up, back out of a spot, turn the wheel or simply just sitting at a red light. I went back to the mechanic so he could tighten my belts. He said that the belts did not feel loose to start with but he tightened them anyways. The car is still making the squealing noises everytime as stated above. Please help me figure out what the problem is. It is so annoying and embarrassing.

November 6, 2008.

A squealing noise means a belt is slipping somehow? Ask your mechanic to check pulleys and tensioners

Dave H
Nov 6, 2008.