1999 Acura CL

Engine Performance problem
1999 Acura CL 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 180000 miles

my acura is having trouble getting over 4000 rpm couple of codes came up 1399, 1259 come up when driving on highway exactly when I hit over 70 mph. Then the car starts to get sluggish and then when try to hit over 4000 rpm it will not go. Then the missfire codes come up when I reset the codes car goes over 4000 rpm once then codes come up again and it will not go.I drove it for a while with the codes on then codes reset bythemselves light wen off only did it once though. Car drove like new then I started up this morning vibrated a bit then codes came back up itts driving me crazy now what should I do please help thank you
John Y gomez
February 9, 2009.

Is the car using more gas than usual?

Feb 10, 2009.
I was jus looking at and yes it use more gas than usual. Help me

Mar 20, 2009.