2005 All Other Makes All Other Models • 179,901 miles

VIN #5B4KP42U753411418
6.0L V/8

The compressor locked up in this truck just before the engine went. I replaced the engine; on the A/C system I replaced the compressor, expansion valve, drier and evaporator core. I flushed all the a/c lines & the condensor and added the correct amount of oil to the compressor when I installed it. The comp. Clutch engages and the a/c system is working but am getting only 72-74 deg temp out of the vents. I've evacuated the system again, vacuumed it with no leaks and then recharged it. I need to know what's causing the high ven temps; below are some specifics;
1. Drier sight glass full of air
2. Low press reading 44-46
3. High press reading 295-305
4. Vent temp 72-74 deg @ low fan speed
AT 2,000 RPM
1. Drier sight glass mostly full of air
2. Low press 30-35
3. High press 360-380
4. 72-74 deg @ low fan speed
July 16, 2013.

What type of heting system does this have in it or is the chassis ford-gm etc?
It cold be a water valve is staying open if you have one or no vacuum to it. It can also be an actuator intheheater for same reason or not getting electrical.

Jul 16, 2013.
It's the OEM HVAC system, I believe it's an Evans A/C system. I forgot to mention that I removed the system's coolant valve & manually inspected its' operation and actuated it with the system controls, it's fully opening and closing and shutting off coolant to the heater core with the controls.

Jul 18, 2013.
We have no info for evans hvacs so you'll have to go to search engine good luck on that or maybe they have ahelp line. But check for actuators that are maybenot working or a vacuum line off if it's vacuum operated especially if it worked ok prior to engine change.

Jul 18, 2013.
Re-checked the actuators today and all have normal operation, also no vacuum lines since they are electronic. A/C compressor locked up before engine went, that's why I changed the compressor and other A/C parts at the same time. Evans doesn't have a help line, have called them but no one there wants to help.

Jul 18, 2013.
Funny I just looked them up on line and they show tech support there try removing hvac fuse for 60 seconds and see if it resets

Jul 19, 2013.