2013 Honda Civic • 4 cylinder Automatic • 51 miles

Hi I have 2013 Honda civic ex it has 51 miles and today I just noticed There is this like grinding noise coming from the wheel of the car on the driver side I looked it up online it might be the ABS? But idk it sounds weird to me like it's a metal grinding on metal
Another thing is when I shift from park to drive there a noise like a clunk when I shift I don't think that's normal for a brand new car my dad's old car does that bit it has 25000 miles on it and the transmission has been replaced so I don't know what it could be
January 11, 2014.

These are things you should be talking with the dealer about. If the car has been sitting for more than a few weeks, it is common for surface rust to build up on the brake rotors and drums. That can make a grinding noise that goes away after just a few miles.

They will diagnose the clunk too and tell you if it's normal. If it's not, they will take care of it under warranty.

Jan 11, 2014.