2012 Honda Civic • 11,000 miles

I have a 2012 Honda Civic SI coupe. I recently lowered the vehicle with lowering springs that were technically not designed for my car, but work if you use an top isolator in the rear from the previous generation civic (springs were from previous generation as well). I also installed a camber kit on the front and rear, and the car has been aligned. My friend that is a car mechanic lubricated the top and bottom of the rear struts, and also the rear sway bar bushings. The car continues to sqweak and groan going over bumps, especially my rock driveway. The best way to hear the noises when out of the car is by pulling up on the inner fender well and it makes the same popping creaky sound. I was thinking possibly to replace the struts with aftermarket struts, ones designed for lowered vehicles, like Koni yellows, but Im not sure what to do!
May 11, 2012.

Cannot see what you did but from the sounds of it, you should replace the struts as well.
I would never have done this to a brand new car unless I had all the correct parts to do it.
If you ever have a warranty issue for anything, you realize that your vehicle will not have any warranty since you alte3red the car.


May 11, 2012.
Not according to the Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act. They can only deny Warranty if they can prove the aftermarket part caused the failure of whatever part he is trying to get warranty for.

Jul 15, 2013.