2011 Renault 11 • 19,000 miles

I rented a manual transmission Renault in Ireland and after 1 day/500 km, the clutch burned out. As an experienced manual driver (30 yrs/8 vehicles), I am aghast that the rental agency wants to hold me responsible for repairs. Isn't it more likely the previous drivers (vehicle has 19,000 km) were responsible? Any stats or information you can give me to help convince the rental company would be greatly appreciated.
September 14, 2012.

They are just looking for someone to blame the repairs on. I would call a Renault dealership and ask them the expected life of the clutch and stats on how often the see them in for repairs.

Keep us informed of any progress you make.

Sep 14, 2012.
After 2 months of communication with American Express, they have upheld our contention that it could not have been our fault. Hurray! We included your reply as a portion of our detailed documentation, which I am certain aided our cause. Thanks for acknowledging our question and helping our position!

Nov 10, 2012.