2010 Ford F-150 • 34,000 miles

How do you replace the drivers side rear view mirror?
Al Disher
March 23, 2013.

Do you mean the outside mirror? There is only one rear view on the windshield


Mar 23, 2013.
This is a tricky job but if you want to do it yourself?
I am treating this as if you have inside mirror adjust.

If you are going to use a used mirror assembly you would need to remove the glass from the used assemble to get behind it for fasteners. Be careful as you have to pull the mirror glass straight out from the assembly or you risk either breaking the glass or one of the four plastic clips that hold the mirror to the adjustment plate.
Once you have this done you would need to remove the inside panel on the drivers door and find the fasteners holding the mirror. You will also need to find the electrical connection for the inside adjuster/heater.
Install in the reverse order leaving the mirror glass to last.
You now line up the four plastic clips and push mirror glass carefully into the clips until they pop into place.

I have in the past either broken a clip or the mirror glass at this point. If you break one of the clips go back to the start and do everything again and be more careful on the last step. You can just replace the glass if you break is or that is better than on of the clips is you have to break anything.

Good luck and I hope this helps.

My second attempt involved going to an auto glass place and paying $75.00 for them to do the complete installation.


Mar 24, 2013.