2008 Volvo XC90 • 75,000 miles

The wipers on my 2008 XC90 has recently stopped emitting fluid from both of the window jets even though the wiper fluid reservoir is completely filled. The truck also has jets on the front head lights that are emitting fluid perfectly fine, however the front windshield jets have oddly ceased? I find it odd that both would be "clogged". They were working one day and the next day they weren't. I've read the manual and cannot find anything that mentions there being a reason for this when the reservoir is completely filled. Would you have any insight?
September 9, 2011.

The first thing I would check is to see if the nozzels are clogged?Can you hear the washer pump running when turning the wipers on that dont squirt?

Sep 9, 2011.
Couple of things could be the problem. One is the filter screen inside the washer bottle for the pump gets plugged up. You can remove it and clean it. If that is ok then the washer pump has failed. The reason the headlight ones work is because that has a separate pump.

Sep 10, 2011.
One sign that the inlet screen on the washer pump is clogged is the pump will be really loud when you tun it on and sound like its starving for water.

Sep 10, 2011.