2008 Saturn Sky • 29,790 miles

Low coolant light keeps coming on and fan running under hood after car is turned off. In August a dealership replaced the waterpump at the cost of 753.00 And I have had the car back to the dealership 4 times since with exactly the same issue. Dry reservoir, fan running after the engine has stopped.
If I fill up the coolant it will be fine for a week or two, then same thing happens again. Twice they couldn't find a problem and Once they tightend a loose clamp.
A) Should I ask for a return of the repaired water pump money since it didn't fix the problem.
B) Should I give up on the dealership and let someone else take a look.
November 13, 2012.

You need to call and ask for a meeting with the service manager at the dealership and talk to him about it. Thats where I would start.

Nov 13, 2012.