2008 Mazda 3 • 4 cylinder Manual •

My problem start when on the road, when passing a truck, it drops an object hitting the front of the vehicle, then turn the check engine light as well as the needle marks the temperature of the water temperature did not mark whatsoever.
Therefore I selvage on the road, and I realize that the car had embedded in the front of a tube, damaging the radiator. Off course the car to overheat. I wonder what is the damage that may occur and if the Mazda 3 has a rotary engine. And if your repair is different from other engines
December 21, 2010.

If you overheat the engine, you will eventually cause major damage to the engine. As far as a rotary engine, no, you don't have one. Mazda stopped those in the 80's. Repair or replace the damaged parts and get the coolant back in the vehicle and it should be fine.