2008 Ford F-450 • 140,000 miles

I have a 2008 ford f450 6.4 powerstroke, I replaced the radiator this weekend and then when I was looking up how much coolant to add I found a few posts/sites that said u need to use a rad vac to bleed the air from the system. I don't have one obviously so I looked to see if u could bleed it the old way and I did find one person that said start and idle it for about 30 mins and add coolant as you go. That's how I've always done it in prior vehicles so I figure that this process will work. Am I right by assuming this? Like I said I just don't have the cash to be buying a $200 tool. Thanks in advance
November 5, 2012.

I top it off and run at 2500 rpm till you get heat. Watch the coolant as you are doing this.


I cranked the heat up, and had heat within about 10 mins. The truck idles hi on start up, so id say it was running around 2k rpm for most of the time I ran it. I ended up running it for about 45 minutes. I did the job yesterday but ive been reading so much stuff on engine cavitation from air getting stuck in there and that causing engine failure. So im just trying to see if I did the job correctly or if there is some corrective action I need to do. Thank you

Nov 5, 2012.
Check it this morning. Keep it topped off.

Most of the issues are around engine replacements with air cavitation.