2008 Chrysler Town and Country • 41,000 miles

Wife has van in for work on front bearings. Dealer called and said bearings are under warranty but that the injectors should be flushed due to mileage. He said recommended every 30K. All for $189.00 the van runs very well aside from bearing issue. This sounds fishy and I think I could probably just clean the throttle body and add injector cleaner to the tank.
July 18, 2012.

Well, my '88 Grand Caravan just turned 390,000 miles and nothing has ever been done to the injectors. In fact, in my 10 years at the dealership, Chrysler had extremely little trouble with injectors on all models. Even injector cleaners added to the tank aren't needed if you buy quality gas. It has plenty of additives and detergents already. In this case, wait until you have a problem to fix something.

I've also never used any type of additive in any of my other 8 vehicles including three with injectors.

Jul 18, 2012.
Fuel injector service is recomended every 30k. Even if it is running fine it cleans the injectors and upper cylinder. You can go to your local parts store and get the stuff and do it your self. If will help with engine performance and mpg

Jul 22, 2012.