2008 Acura TL • 40,125 miles

2008 Acura TL, 40,500 miles, original owner: Car started and ran fine to work. 12 hours later, displayed message "Check Starting System" and no cranking at all. Battery is fine (it's only a year old, I already know what a dead battery looks acts like in the car and I didn't get this message ever) and has full system power and brightness. I cleaned a small amount of corrosion off the battery terminal connections and did note the flat, portion connecting the cable to the metal terminal band/clamp is about 1/4 split along the bend. However, my inclination is that didn't happen sitting still for 12 hours and not the problem. I got a ride home and reviewed my Haynes manual. While I intend to check fuses and relays later today, what do you find is the most common cause of this message?
December 10, 2012.

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