2007 Scion tC • 4 cylinder FWD Manual • 38,000 miles

Shop doesnt want to pull transmission until can get to run. Says dont want to charge to have put in and then still have motor issue with not starting. I advsd sounds like the TOB. But they say they pull code for the cranksshaft postion sensor. But they say that everything turns but car will not start. They are recommending another shop take look at that deals with more motor stuff. Once again push clutch in and turn key it just makes a noise and kinda to hard to describe. Sounds kinda like when u have a car started and you to turn the key to start while already started. Kinda like a squeal sound.
December 1, 2010.

Alright here what's going on. I've been driving around and notice that clutch started slipping. Started only in 5th gear and during 3-5 under a lot of acceleration. Then started to get worse and other gears doing same. Well ordered new clutch and flywheel. Well been driving back and forth to work cause only 3 miles away. So on to the next and my main worry. Went to start car and pressed in clutch and started but started to shutter and made some noise I made sure was in neutral and went to start and and started and shut off. And now when I press clutch in and start it make a whine noise. And doesn't start. Everything lights up and got plenty of juice. Makes noise like if car is started and u crank it again. Kinda only way I can describe the sound. So what could this be other than clutch?

Dec 1, 2010.
Based on your description, it sounds like the bendix is bad on the starter and not fully engaging with the flywheel. Have the starter removed and bench tested. Most parts stores will check it for free.

Let me know what you find. As far as the trans shop, my hat is off to them. If they don't want to remove the trans until the engine is running and they are sure the trans needs removed, it sounds like they are honest.

Well I have to taken to shop. Now they say that head has bent valves. So they wanna charge 450 to pull head. Then take to machine shop where they say that all but one valve was bent and will cost 450 to fix. And now they say have to replace vvt and timing chains and few other parts. Then all the labor to put back together. Which now adding up to almost 3000 in parts and labor. This really is putting me in bind and is alot of money and thats not even putting the clutch in car. Does this even sound right?

Dec 8, 2010.
Did they tell you the timing chain broke? The engine is an interference engine. That means if the timing chain broke, the top of the pistons would have come in contact with the valves and bending them. That would have caused the fast cranking (no compression) and what I thought was a starter not engaging and just spinning. I will say this, it is very uncommon for a chain to break. The vehicle is still somewhat new. I know it came with a 3 year 36K warranty as a minimum. I think you may be able to fight this with them. Do you know what the powertrain warranty is on the vehicle?