2007 Pontiac G5 • 100,000 miles

No heater blower motor function, I have checked all fuses and the relay #10, #16, relay#30 under dash, all fuses under hood, no apparant relays related to hvac under hood, when operating from defrost to floor the vents dont seem be operting servos ( no audible anyway), typically can hear the flap move in there, I have ran auxillary power source direct to fan and no rotation, so motor does not work, but also have no power at plug to the fan either, have checked switch plug and no power present in larger wire harness (1 of 3) plugs, 3 powers in smaller connector to run iluumination and defrost controls ( all function ), two and a half hours and freezing, any ideas, please help, thanks.
Head banger
February 3, 2013.

Check the fuses pointed out in diagram then is still not working pull hvac fuses after starting car for 60 seconds the reinstall if still not working have car scanned because control head or bcm may be bad

Feb 3, 2013.