2007 Nissan Micra • 4 cylinder 2WD Automatic • 15,000 miles

Cracked driver side window how to replace
March 23, 2011.


You need to remove the inner door trim, by prizing out the arm rest (has power window switches attached) and there will be two 10mm bolts behind, remove those, also around the inner door handle there is a trim finisher which is just clipped in, remove that buy using a flat bladed screwdriver between the handle trim and door trim (be careful not to mark the trim.

Once the two 10mm bolts and door handle trim are removed then, pull the door trim off the door.

Then follow these instructions (please look at attached image, showing the drivers side door assembly): While supporting door glass, operate power window switch to
raise/lower door glass until gla******** can be seen.

Remove door gla********.

While holding door glass, raise glass up from rear edge while
pulling glass out of sash toward the inside of the door.

Once glass is out, then carry out this procedure in reverse for Glass installation.

Hope that helps.

Mar 28, 2011.