2007 Nissan Altima • 105,000 miles

I just changed and filled my antifreeze coolant tank about 2 months ago and already my car came close to over heating so I checked the tank and it was practically empty. Im pretty sure theres a leak, I just want to get an approximation of how much money its going to cost to get it fixed.
November 14, 2012.

You need to locate the source of the leak or its cause before you can know the price. It could be a simple fix such as tightening a hose clamp or worse case scenario, a bad cylinder head gasket or even a cracked cylinder head if the overheating had been bad.

When the coolant was replaced, was system bled of air? Top up the coolant and check for leaks by noting if there are any coolant stains, especially around hose joints. A pressure test might be necessary if the leak is small.

Nov 14, 2012.