2007 Mazda CX7 • 54,179 miles

My Mazda CX7 has a remote starter, my cx7 has been plowing fuse TRN 15A which runs the dash ligt andParking lights. I brought to the dealer and they think its the stater causing the fuse to blow I check the fuse it was put in backwards would that cuase the fuse to blow? If not what culd be the cause? I put a new fuse in te correctway and hve used the remote stater it has not blown. I started it manually and ithas not blown, can you put a car fuse in te wrong way?
January 31, 2013.

Fuses do not matter which way it goes in. There is a shorting somewhere and if it is intermittent, it could be something loose somewhere such as a bare wire that intermittently contacts and would be back. The only way to check is when problem occurs and the shorting is present.

Jan 31, 2013.