2007 Land Rover Discovery 3 • 100,000 miles

I have located an area where the coolant spurts out of my landrover discovery 3. After examining everywhere and putting a blue dye into the coolant, just to see, I noticed that when I accelerate, it spurts out of an area near the top of the engine. It looks like maybe a gasget or something?
Any suggestions?
February 4, 2013.

Without know exactly what is leaking, we are not able to provide much. Whatever that is leaking has to be repaired or parts replaced depending on situiation and this should be done asap to avoid damaging the engine due to overheating.

Feb 4, 2013.
I will send you a photo taken of the area

That would be great.

Feb 4, 2013.
Hi There,

I have attached 3 photos of the area. You will see in one of them, the water spraying out when accellerating. It is dyed blue so you will see. It appears to be coming from under the furry pipe.


There is a hose under it. Check if it is punctured. Since coolant is shooting out, it should be easy to locate the source.

A pressure test would definitely show the source.

Feb 4, 2013.
Thank You.

I have a Landy Friend who also said that it is likely to be a hose that is punctured. It is fairly easy to access and replace yourself. I am fairly mechanically minded. Fix dirt bikes etc. But landys are a bit more complicated. Just dont want to go to a dealer and spend a fortune?

From the area that is shooting out coolant, that should not be difficult to access and I believe you can get it done easily. What you need to do now is to locate the cause/source of it to be able to know the work required.

Feb 5, 2013.