2007 Jeep Compass • 4WD • 67,000 miles

I have a jeep compass 2007. Since I bought it the engine light keeps going on and off I never had any problems always changed the oil on time.
This past month the car does not start when I turn the key it makes a repetitive click sound and a burned tire kind of smell. I changed the battery thinking that was the reason but I still can't start the car right away. I wait for a while and try to turn it on and then it works.
Please please help me because I can’t afford to take it to the mechanic.

January 20, 2011.

Have the computer scanned for code/s-you have a problem within the engine management system that caused the CEL to turn on-This is your starting point of diagnosis, finding out what's going on.

Go to Autozone or Advance Auto and get scanned free

Jan 20, 2011.
Thank you rasmataz for your quick reply I will take the car to the nearest autozone and ask for the scan you told me about

Jan 20, 2011.