2007 Jeep Commander • 122,000 miles

Within 2 days the following has all occurred with my jeep.
Power windows up front (driver and passenger will not work. Backseat windows do work.
After you put the car in park and turn off the ignition you open the door to get out and the radio should go off, it does not. You have to turn the radio off so it doesn't sat on
The interior dome lights do not work.
We did replace the battery in the jeep about 3 weeks ago but have had none of these issues up until the last 2 days.
Thanks for any advice you can offer.
February 17, 2013.

Clean battery terminals first check fuse 12on junction block then check ground near left drivers seat and passenger seat. Lastly scan for codes as one of hte modules may be screwed up. For windows same fuse controls interior lights

Feb 17, 2013.