2007 Hyundai Entourage • 86,000 miles

When I try to shift into any gear, the shifter moves but the transmission does not engage. There is also a clicking sound from the dashboard area when I push the shifter button in. I have never heard this clicking sound before. Also, I just had the engine rebuilt under warranty by a Hyundai dealer 2 weeks ago. They put in a new short block, machined the heads and added other new components too numerous to mention. It was running great since the repair, until now!

January 23, 2013.

Check the transmisison fluid level and condition.
Check for trouble codes.
The clicking noise could mean an electrical fault such as a poor grund circuit. Problem could be related to the engine replacement work if it is a poor ground.

Jan 23, 2013.
Thanks for the answer, but I found the problem. A nut that held the shifter cable on to the linkage at the transaxle must not have been tightened after they did the engine work. It came off and the cable fell off. I was putting it back on just as the tow truck arrived, started it up and it was fine. No charge for the tow truck and no charge from the dealer! A good day!

Jan 25, 2013.
Glad to know it is a simple fix.

Have a nice day.

Jan 25, 2013.