2007 Holden Astra • 90,000 miles

Hi, I payed to get a question answered, and no one has answered it. So where is my guaranteed satisfaction?
January 19, 2013.

Don't get your undies in a knot! First of all, your question may not have been seen by anyone who knows the answer, ... Yet. How long have you waited? Some people get angry if their question isn't answered in a few minutes. They think we sit at our computers doing nothing all day except waiting for them. Some answers pop up a day later.

If you texted the question with no punctuation, you have to understand we don't work with children and their toys. If you can't be bothered to write a coherent description of the problem and include related observations and clues, we aren't going to be bothered to try to figure out the meaning of what you wrote. Lack of punctuation means you don't have the time invested in trying to solve a difficult problem. You just want a quick answer to avoid going to a mechanic.

If your question is related to an engine running problem, did you even bother to think we might need to know the engine size? I can't believe how many people think we know that stuff just by placing our hands on the computer.

After we offer some suggestions, are you going to reply, "I already did that"? If you do, you should have included that in the original post. Why make us start from the beginning of the diagnostic procedure when you're already part-way through it?

Do you even know what to do when you DO get a reply? Many people think we can diagnose the car over a computer and just tell them which part to replace, then they screw that up. There are a lot of things professionals do to avoid causing other problems or to insure the quality of the repair that you might not be aware of. We have no clue as to your level of experience and proficiency so again, we have to guess at the best course of action for you to take.

Finally, I have never heard of anyone having a problem getting a refund. I appreciate your making a donation, (some of us are unemployed and we are grateful for the few dollars we get each month), but I DO know the site owners have given refunds without the people even asking because they knew it was done in error. If you can't figure out how to ask POLITELY for your money back, I will contact the site owners on your behalf. I've never done it so I don't know the procedure, but I bet I could figure it out without posting a new question with nothing but a complaint. For that matter, I don't even know that you made a donation. Why would you post a new question, (which isn't even a question), rather than add a followup to your original one? I recheck the list of questions with donations at least one per hour, and there is no question listed as not having received an answer yet. If you did indeed post a question, it is gone from the list because it was answered already. You would have gotten an automated e-mail message with a direct link sending you right to the reply. By starting a new post, the original expert may not see it and be able to continue the conversation.

As for your "guaranteed satisfaction", you get back the amount of effort as you put in. If you aren't happy with the lack of a reply, look at the information you posted, or the lack of it. If you're just messing with us, and never even posted a question, look at how much effort I put into THIS reply, then imagine how hard I'll work for someone who has a legitimate need for my help.

Jan 19, 2013.
Thank you for getting back to me. (Even though you didn't bother to answer my first question!)
I re-read my question, and it seems pretty reader friendly.
I don't want a refund. It sounds like you obviously need the money.( And you know where you can stick it.)
And don't worry about answering my original question, I am not interested in listening to ramble on again.
Have a nice day.

Jan 19, 2013.
I don't know what your original question was. Why won't you restate it?

I'm not familiar with your car brand or model so I would not have read your original question. I know there's a good chance I wouldn't be able to help. I CAN answer this post and help you get a refund.

Jan 19, 2013.
My car is a holden astra 2007, 90000ks on it.
And my question was an electrical question.
I aksed it for free, then decided to make a donation, in the hope that it would be answered quicker.
I bought a wireless reversing camera, had it installed by an auto electrician.
It only worked when the car was off. When the car was running, it tried to work, but just went blank.
Except for a couple of times, when my trip computer on the dash said REVERSE LAMP. (Strange huh?)
Any way, I took it back, and they said it was a signal problem, and there was nothing they could do.
So I went online and found a forum that had the answer. Put in a relay. They even had the description on how to make it. So I printed it up, took it to the electricain, and showed them.
They were sceptical, but said o.K. We will try it.
Thats when I wrote to you. Asking if you thought it would work.
Any way. Yesterday, they put the relay in, and it works fine.
So I really dont need you to answer it.
But thanks for asking.

Jan 19, 2013.
You're right, and as I suspected, I wouldn't have known the answer. The only backup camera I've ever worked on was on a huge motor home, and that one worked properly for many years, so we knew it was wired correctly and the problem was caused by something broken.

I have a long background in tv repair and because of that, my brain works best by seeing the wiring diagram, not by reading instructions. I might have figured out the need for the relay but then I would second-guess myself into doubting the need to re-engineer the product. If the camera was designed to work in your vehicle, the manufacturer should have tested it in one and included the necessary modification without making you search for the solution yourself.

I take issue with a couple of things your mechanic said. First of all, mechanics are real good at discussing car problems with other mechanics. They are typically not good at discussing car problems with car owners. To say there was "a signal problem" doesn't really say much, but to say "there's nothing they can do" is inappropriate. Where does that leave you? You paid to have a working backup camera installed, not a useless box. If they followed the directions correctly, and it doesn't work properly, the correct response would have been that they "don't know what to do". Many mechanics have a hard time admitting that.

At any rate, I'm happy to hear it's working. You still should ask for a refund because you did not get what you asked for. In the past I have gotten requests from the site owners to look at some questions that no one answered, to see if I could help. In those cases, I don't know, (or care), if the person made a donation. My third, and final career was as an automotive instructor, and I love it when people want to know more about their cars. I'm happy to help whenever possible.

You should be aware too that I don't reply if I only know part of the answer because once anyone posts a reply, your question goes off the list and no one else is going to see it or have a chance to reply. There have been cases where I knew the exact cause and fix of an uncommon problem but someone else answered first with some useless, generic reply. By the time I was asked to get involved, there were days worth of dozens of replies back and forth. Some of us are so eager to help, but then find out we can't see the diagnosis through to the conclusion. On other sites a lot of people can keep on posting and all the replies just get added to the list. It doesn't work that way here. Instead, you're having a conversation with just one other person. Most of us try to answer only those questions we feel confident we can find a solution, even if it takes days or weeks.

I don't wish car problems on you, but I hope you'll come back here in the future if you do. The stuff I mentioned in my first reply doesn't apply. You posted plenty of information. I wish more people put in that much effort.

Jan 19, 2013.
Thank you.
And as for the auto electrician, I think it's because I am a woman. If I were a bloke, he would have made more of an effort.
The camera I bought on ebay, from Hong Kong. And I doubt that it came with too many instructions.
But I was annoyed about the fact that I went online and found out how to fix it.
And surely he's put relays in before. Why the hell didn't he even think of that?
He actually suggested that I get another one from the ebay seller, and he put that in.
I couldn't see the point in that.
Any way I don't want a refund.
Thank you for chatting with me.
I definitely think I have got my moneys worth now!
And I take my car to a great group of mechanic, so I probably would never need to ask a mechanical question.
But if I ever do. I will.
Kind regards

Jan 19, 2013.