2007 Ford 500 • 100,000 miles

My2007 ford 500 sets code p0642 car runs fine when in heated garage once taken out into freezing temps will start to overfuel after about 10 minutes will eventually flood right out and will not restart untill put in heated garage code p0642 persists and o2 sensors show full rich after running up to full temp for a while o2 sensors clear
December 13, 2012.

This cold beseveral of the following things and best to have a pro look at it.

This pinpoint test is intended to diagnose the following: ? Harness circuits: ETCREF, ETCRTN, SIGRTN and VREF
? Accelerator pedal position (APP) sensor (9F836)
? Air conditioning pressure (ACP) transducer sensor (19D594)
? Differential pressure feedback exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) sensor (9J460)
? EGR system module (ESM) (9Y456)
? Fuel rail pressure (FRP) sensor (6B288)
? Fuel rail pressure temperature (FRPT) sensor (9G756)
? Fuel tank pressure (FTP) sensor (9C052)
? Manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor (9F479)
? Power steering pressure (PSP) sensor (3N824)
? Throttle position (TP) sensor (9B989)
? Powertrain control module (PCM) (12A650)

Fig. 11: Accelerator Pedal Position (APP) Sensor Connector A
Courtesy of FORD MOTOR CO.
It can also be something hooked up wrong

Dec 13, 2012.