2007 Chevrolet Cobalt • 70,000 miles

I recently slid into the curb with my cobalt and it ended up snapping the steering knuckle on the passenger side. The first thing I did was try and drive away, my left tire spun and the car moved forward a little bit, then there was loud clicking so I stopped. The passenger tire was just hanging there. After trying to move again the left tire wouldn't spin at all. Now working on my car I realized that the axle on the right side was pulled out of the transmission. The driver tire spins freely in either direction even when I put the car in gear. I tried to see if I could get that tire moving but when I shift the car only gets up to 10mph in 1st gear and 20mph in 2nd but the tire does not spin. It looks like everything is hooked up on the driver side and I dont think it was damaged. I thought the clicking could have been from the passenger side cv joint busting or the axle being ripped out. Is there somthing wrong with my transmission though?
November 27, 2012.

I'm not clear about the right side. Is it back together or are you trying to run the left wheel with the right half shaft out? The side that has the least resistance is the one that's going to rotate. If the right half shaft isn't installed, there's no way the left one is going to rotate.

Nov 27, 2012.
The right side is still taken apart. What you said makes sense now I wasn't sure how those work. That probably means the clicking sound was the right axle being ripped out. And thats why the left tire wouldn't spin after that. Hopefully that's all it is. Thanks for your help!

Nov 27, 2012.