2006 Toyota Tundra • 80,000 miles

Hi guys, my toyota tundra with v-8 is not going to pass emmission test in washington because of check engine light. I took it to Auto zone and they said it was oxygen sensor bank 1. Is this something I can tackle? They gave me a quote of 149.00 for a new one. Any advice would be great. Im a pretty good mechanic so if its easy, ill try.

Thanks John
John kelley
April 6, 2013.

It all depends on how hard it is to get to the oxygen sensor. You will also have to purchase a special socket to remove the sensor. Other than removing the sensor it is a simple electrical connector to dis-connect. You might have to dis connect the battery or have the codes cleared with a scanner to make the code tripping the light go away. Oxygen snsors are not cheap so that quote sounds pretty fair but you should be able to handle it if it is easy to get to.

Thanks for quick reply. Autoparts123 has them for 40 dollars. Is there a reason for the differences in prices? I will definitely keep upd ated on progress to help others.I see two of them on manifold. Not really sure which one to replace. Should I get code?

John kelley
Apr 6, 2013.
The code will tell you if its the downstream or upstream sensor. The upstream being the one closest to the motor. Bosvh is usually the most expensive oxygen sensor and that is because they are an OEM replacement. If you want a food part for the best price try