2006 Pontiac G6 • 6 cylinder FWD Automatic • 88,900 miles

My car smells like something is burning after I drive it and then park it
February 6, 2011.

You may have wiring problems eiter under the hood or behind your dash. Over time insulation on wires can be simpily melted off due to excessive heat from a vehicles engine. I recomend letting your car idol for a good 20 minutes and then checking for smoke under the hood/behind interior dash. If you don't find anything from this, you should bring your car to a ship. Your car could start on fire when being used.

Feb 6, 2011.
Identify where the odor is coming from. If it is outside the vehicle, check for oil and trans leaks that may be leak onto the exhaust. If inside, check wiring under dash. Also, check under the hood for any wires, hoses, leaks. That could be melting.