2006 Mercury Marquis

The digital compass in the overhead console is out, the lights in the overhead console are working just not the digital compass. How to fix?
September 17, 2012.

You will have to gently pry out the panel. First remove the lights and look for screws as some panels may be retained by screws and must be removed before pulling on it or damage will occur.
Pull at the front and them back gently as one end is probably hooked and the other is held by clips. The panel should not take a lot of force to remove so be gentle. Your owners manual must not say how to replace it, since your asking, so you will have to find the compass bulb and match it at an auto parts store. Then simply replace by reversing procedure.

The compass is a digital screen like on a calculator, the screen isnt showing the Direction of path such as E, N, Se, S and etc. Thats what Im trying to fix to get back to displaying that

Sep 17, 2012.
You will have to remove the dash if the trim panel does not pop out. It sounds like your actual magnet may have fallen off or broke.