2006 Hummer H2 • 50,000 miles


I have recently got my front driver side bearing changed in my Hummer H2 - 2006, and the noise is gone. However, when I drive in speeds exceeding 120KM I hear a sort of humming sound which comes and goes! The kind of sound when you drive on a road which was damaged by a rim from another car and your car drives over it so it makes a sound and you move away from it the sound stops, if you know what I mean! The sound is not laud, rather quite actually.

It is worth mentioning that I replaced the original GM damaged bearing with a brand new AC Delco one.

Any help will be appreciated.


Hussain Noor
February 20, 2012.

IF you can make the noise fade away with a slight turn of the steering have the front end check and bearing too

Feb 20, 2012.
The problem is that the noise is not continues! At high speeds (over 120km), the noise comes for a second and then it goes, but it is quite regular. Meaning it is like saying one Mississippi two Mississippi three Mississippi four Mississippi and so on.

Help please : -)



Hussain Noor
Feb 21, 2012.
See if the noise changes on different road surfaces. Tires can often act like that also.

Feb 21, 2012.
Thank you for your feedback. I have tried it on different roads, but the noise is still there! However, today it seems that it is there but it is quieter than before.

Any ideas!

Hussain Noor
Feb 22, 2012.