2006 Honda Pilot • 6 cylinder 2WD Automatic • 65,000 miles

2006 Pilot; serpentine belt removed while replacing alternator, tensioner not working properly. Will replace tensioner, but having diff. Breaking loose. Also proper routing of belt? Haynes book referenced does not show the correct routing, or even photos of the correct engine; 3.5 VTEC.
procedure in book not correct for tensioner, either. I an unsure how to even loosen tensioner to reattach the ser. Belt, as book is not correct for this engine.
J. Manning
ksemt132@hotmail. Com
J. manning
February 9, 2011.

The diagram shows the drivebelt routing and direction of turning the autotensioner to loosen the belt tension.

Feb 11, 2011.
Sorry, there are 2 different types and I am not sure which is the correct one for your vehicle.

Feb 11, 2011.