2006 Honda Accord • 120,000 miles

Hello! I just had my shocks replaced I bought the parts online and it was suposed to be same as honda shocks. But once I got the new shocks put on it make a loud noise in my sespension? Could it be because I didn't get Honda shocks? Also the rubber bushing or rubber peice didn't get replace could that be the problem instead? I have took the car to 3 different places and the last guy said get Honda shocks? Please help!
November 9, 2012.

It would depend on what type of noise and where it is coming from. It could be there was a fault with the installation. The first spacer to go onto the shocks is tapered and if it was incorrectly installed, the outer casing would rub against the shick causing the noise. Jack up vehicle and check the absorber housing for scratches and note if the external sleeve is brushing against the shocks.

You don't need OEM shocks but if the shocks you bought are defective it would be a different story.

Nov 18, 2012.