2006 Ford Galaxie • 83,000 miles

After my car haveing 4 starter motors since april 3 from APD and 1 from Ford Peglars the thing still will not start. Now on the advice from ford they asked me to get the electrics checks which I did and there all fine I also have replaced the battery and when ford put the last starter motor on they said they checked the ignition barrell and flywheel ( but they didnt take the clutch out to check the fly wheel ! ). Now the electrician put a bypass wire onto my relay in order to try and start it that way when the car didnt start but ford are now saying that that wire must have touched the terminal whilst the engine is running and rammed the starter into the flywheel whilst the engine was running and aparently broke all the teeth of the stater ! But where do I go from here as I cant afford to keep paying out for starter motors
Teresa lambert
January 31, 2013.

You dont have to remove the clutch to check the flywheel.

The bypass wire was a bad idea. It is never good to bypass systems as they always produce issues.

Were any of these starters covered under warranty? They all should have a one year warranty.


Jan 31, 2013.